Chip-Trap TM coolant filter systems eliminate chips from clogging your coolant tank, damaging your pump, and clogging the coolant lines.


Chip-Trap TM coolant filter systems are an inexpensive, yet highly effective replacement your machines outdated, inefficient factory tray.


Chip-Trap TM coolant filter systems are easy to use and maintain. Filter changes take less than one minute; without rolling the coolant tank away from the machine.


Chip-Trap TM coolant filter systems are affordable, and save you expensive down-time cleaning the chips from your tank, pump, and lines.


You know the problem. As coolant flows back into the coolant tank from your machine, it brings with it chips and shavings that contaminate your tank. Once inside your tank, these chips clog your screens, pump, and coolant lines.


Don’t take our word for it, go take a good look at what’s going on inside your machine’s coolant tank right now!


Read your Haas maintenance manual. It tells you to clean the coolant tank monthly. If you have TSC, it says to clean the tank weekly. Chip-TrapTM coolant filter systems eliminate this messy and time consuming job.


Chip-Trap TM coolant filter systems are very affordable, yet highly effective. For less then the cost of a dinner out, you can give your expensive CNC equipment the protection they need to keep making you money.


Chip-Trap TM coolant filter systems install in just minutes without tools.


Chip-Trap TM coolant filter systems. Order today, you’ll wonder how you got along without it!


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CHIP HAPPENS!   Keep them out of your coolant tank with a Chip-Trap!